Welcome to Teacher Induction

  • The OMSD Induction Program is a two-year program (a one-year Early Completion Option is available) for new teachers which is intended to assist them in clearing their credential and support them as they begin their teaching career.  Candidates who possess a California Preliminary Teaching Credential and are employed by the Ontario-Montclair 黑料社区 District in a teaching position are eligible to join the OMSD Induction Program.  Induction typically begins in a teacher’s first year of teaching.  Upon signing a teaching contract in the Human Resources Division, eligible teachers are enrolled and provided with the date of the Summer Orientation Day which typically occurs in late July.  At the Orientation Day beginning teachers meet their mentors, are provided with an overview of the program and with clear expectations as to the requirements of the program.  Mentoring begins immediately following the orientation which typically coincides with the participating teachers’ preparation days.

    The OMSD Induction Program prides itself on providing an individualized program based on the needs of each participating teacher.  Mentors and participating teachers work collaboratively to identify a learning path based on a self-assessment of the teacher’s needs.   In creating this individualized plan, the Mentors and participating teachers select from a broad range of professional development opportunities which include a range of sessions aligned to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

    The OMSD Induction Program is completely free to our OMSD teachers.