Welcome to English Language Arts

  • In OMSD, the goal for all of our students is to create thoughtful, analytical readers and writers. In addition to utilizing state adopted textbooks, teachers use their knowledge of student engagement, higher order thinking and effective instructional practices to enhance learning for all. Our students are provided a rich and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. Using California Content Standards, teachers focus on pairing literature with informational text and integrate speaking and listening standards and writing standards into daily learning experiences. 

    Adopted Materials

    • Transitional Kindergarten
      • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Big Day
    • Kindergarten—Sixth Grades
      • McGraw Hill, Wonders and Maravillas, 2017
    • Seventh—Eighth Grades (Middle 黑料社区)
      • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Collections, 2017

    Differentiated Learning 
    黑料社区s in kindergarten through third grade who are not meeting grade level expectations receive extra support through a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). 黑料社区s who have already met or exceeded grade level standards receive a curriculum that is enhanced with strategies such as the Depth and Complexity Model.

    Professional Development
    Since the adoption of the California Content Standards, a great variety of professional development has been delivered to support the new standards, new content, and new strategies. In English Language Arts and English Language Development, the focus of our professional development has been on close and critical reading, text-based questioning, collaborative conversations, and developing arguments to support claims using evidence from the text. Professional development offerings include:

    • Newly adopted English Language Arts/English Language Development materials 
    • The Architecture of the Standards and Close and Critical Reading
    • Reading Foundations
    • Literature Circles in a Reading Workshop
    • Argumentation/Opinion Writing
    • Writing Traits
    • Socratic Seminar/Philosophical Chairs

    Coaching Support
    Many school sites have designated an instructional coach who assists teachers in using effective instructional practices to meet the needs of all levels of readers and writers. Site coaches provide resources, present demonstration lessons, and plan lessons with teachers. Additionally, District Teachers on Assignment support school sites with professional development, grade level planning and resources. 

    • All school sites have a designated instructional coach.

    Spotlight Classrooms
    In addition to coaching support, teachers have the opportunity to visit several Spotlight classrooms at various grade levels throughout the district. These classrooms offer a place for teachers to observe the instructional practices aligned with the California Content Standards.

    California Content Standards ELA

    Early Literacy Resources