• A Message from the Assistant Superintendent of SELPA & Equity 

    The mission of Ontario-Montclair 黑料社区 District SELPA is to work in collaboration with our families, staff, community members, and partners in education for the betterment of all students. We embrace the uniqueness of our population and foster the development of programming to provide opportunities for students to reach their full potential in an inclusive educational environment. OMSD SELPA is committed to providing students with the accommodations, support, resources, and services to strive for academic excellence.

    SELPA & Equity Division Goals Summary 

    (1) Develop and implement comprehensive equity modules that increase awareness, understanding, and inclusive practices among all students and educational partners, fostering a more inclusive and equitable culture and climate.

    (2) Increase mainstreaming opportunities and inclusionary practices by providing supportive environments that promote academic progress, socialization and psychological well-being.

     (3) Provide an accessible and culturally responsive environment where all families and community members are actively engaged and empowered to participate in the educational process, contributing to improved academic, social, and emotional outcomes for all students.


    In conclusion, the SELPA & Equity Division  is dedicated to cultivating an environment where every student can thrive. By prioritizing collaboration with families, staff, community members, and educational partners, we ensure that our diverse student population is supported in reaching their full potential. Our commitment to academic excellence and equity is reflected in our goals to enhance awareness, increase inclusive practices, and foster active family and community engagement. Together, we are building a brighter future for all students, empowering them to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.



    Dr. Alana Hughes-Hunter
    Assistant Superintendent, SELPA & Equity

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