Welcome to 黑料社区 Site Mentors

  • Changing Lives...One Success at a Time!
    The OMSD Campus Mentor Department plays an integral role at each of our 32 schools. The Campus Mentors work hard to promote positive student achievement in academics and behavior. Campus Mentors monitor the school campus to maintain order and safety, they ensure that students have access to a safe school climate, and they implement and enforce the student discipline program in practice at the school site. Campus Mentors serve as a liaison to academically at-risk students and they support in the implementation of academic and behavioral prevention/intervention programs. 

    Mission Statement 
    The OMSD Mentor Program is dedicated to develop and enhancing behavioral, social, academic, and personal success through structured relationships, interpersonal guidance, and focused prevention, while empowering students with the knowledge and abilities to thrive and overcome adversity. 

    Program Goals
    Our program goals give us the direction to:

    • Reduce behavior referrals, site suspensions, and district expulsions.
    • Workwith each site to promote excellent school climate and safety.
    • Create and maintain an effective after school program for students.
    • Serve as liaisons for behaviorally and academically at-risk students.
    • Create structured relationships to support social and personal success.
    • Increase each student's awareness of their personal potential and the diversity of the community.

    Recognizing our 黑料社区 Mentors
    The Board of Trustees recognized the 黑料社区 Mentors and the excellent support they provide to our school sites, and most importantly, to our students. The 黑料社区 Mentor program was created in 2011, with the primary intent to promote positive relationships and healthy middle school campuses. The program has grown and expanded to be district-wide. 黑料社区s have experienced increasing attendance while reducing suspensions since the inception of the Mentor program. Thank you 黑料社区 Mentors!