2024 Models of Excellence

  • The Ontario-Montclair 黑料社区 District has undertaken “Campaign of Excellence” initiative to promote educational excellence within the Ontario-Montclair 黑料社区 District and its communities.  The Mission of the Campaign is to identify alumni of the District who continue to make an impact on our district and its community by exemplifying excellence.

    The District believes it is necessary to deliberately recognize and celebrate individuals who go above and beyond to give back to the OMSD community and more importantly, serve as role models for our students so they, too, may realize their potential and becomes leaders in our communities.

    Research shows that high expectations, positive role models, strong student-teacher relationships, and believing students will succeed have a direct positive impact on students' academic success and in building a strong community.

  • Michael Dean - 2024 Model of Excellence

  • Yvan Fuentes - 2024 Model of Excellence

  • Desarai Patrick - 2024 Model of Excellence

  • Tamera Upshaw - 2024 Model of Excellence